National Science Day – The Future Of Science, Technology And Innovation

Every year on 28th February, National Science Day, also known as Rashtriya Vigyan Diwas, is celebrated in India with great enthusiasm. On this day, every science institute in the country rises to the occasion to celebrate the joy of science and honour the contributions of Indian scientists to numerous diverse scientific fields since ancient times. Every year, a special theme is declared by the National Council of Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), related to science and technology, to study the impact of its different aspects on human life. This year, the theme for National Science Day is “The Future Of STI: Impacts On Education, Skills and Work.”

Sir C.V. Raman. Image Credit – Wikipedia

The NCSTC initially proposed the idea of declaring 28th February as National Science Day in 1986 and it was first celebrated in 1987. This day was chosen to commemorate the discovery of the remarkable “Raman effect” by Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. He won the Nobel Prize in 1930, becoming the first Nobel Prize winner in Physics and Science from India. He was also awarded the Bharat Ratna in 1954 for his outstanding contributions.

Every year, institutes from all over the country arrange competitions, programs and various other fun activities to popularize science among the general public and inspire young children to pursue a career in science. It provides an opportunity for students to showcase their abilities and share their knowledge. It also helps develop scientific temper in the society.

Science and technology have a huge impact on our daily lives and to move towards the future advancement in science is essential. The National Science Day is celebrated to inspire every individual to keep that spark of curiosity alive in their minds. There are a lot of places in the country that are still plagued with lack of education and superstitious beliefs. The aim of this occasion is to eradicate blind faiths and educate people about the importance of science in our lives. It helps bring the entire scientific community together to discuss issues related to the field and bring about an all-round development.

National awards were instituted in 1987 to acknowledge exceptional efforts in the area of scientific popularization and communication, and in promoting scientific temper. The awards are given every year on the National Science Day. This year, unfortunately, the world-wide pandemic has confined us to our homes and we must stay indoors for our own safety. The pandemic, however, won’t be able to diminish our morale.

In the true spirit of technological advancement, the entire world has adapted to the circumstances and managed to stay connected virtually over the last year. Similarly, celebrations of the National Science Day this year will take place online too. Plenty of institutes like NCRA, IISER and GMRT have come up with innovative ideas to celebrate this day virtually.

Live programs, guest lectures, webinars, competitions, debates, quizzes, etc. have been arranged through various social media platforms to make this national event a success. So let us all join these celebrations to enjoy the beauty of this day with the greatest minds in the country from the comfort of our homes and do our part in promoting science, welfare and development in the country.

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