National Science Day – The Future Of Science, Technology And Innovation

Every year on 28th February, National Science Day, also known as Rashtriya Vigyan Diwas, is celebrated in India with great enthusiasm. This year’s theme for National Science Day is “The Future Of STI: Impacts On Education, Skills and Work.”

Learn about the history of this special day and how it’s celebrated across the whole country.

Soyuz – Docking Onto The ISS

The Soyuz spacecraft has single-handedly shouldered the responsibility of carrying humans to the ISS and back until recent developments.

Learn how does this gigantic 6800 kg machine track down and attach itself to another machine the size of a football field, travelling at 27000 km/h in an orbit 420 km above the Earth’s surface.

December 2020 – Stellar Spectacles to Look Out For

From a total solar eclipse to the best Great Conjunction of our lifetime, December is full of surprises that go beyond the usual events that occur at this time of the year.

Here you have a complete list of the most important celestial events that will take place in December 2020.